Orange Prestige review£350.00

A legend is reborn - in limited numbers

BikeRadar score4/5

No, we haven’t found this in the back of a store cupboard. After the success of the cheaper, but equally classic Clockwork in 2007, the legendary Prestige is back on the Orange roster for 2008.

In keeping with its glorious past, when the Prestige was the steel race bike to have, Orange has revived the Neon Jaffa graphics and black-only aesthetics of the original. Tanges lightweight, super-lithe Prestige tubing still provides the real steel for an initial batch of 200 frames complete with ‘Special Edition’ headbadge.

The geometry has been altered to thrive with contemporary 100mm travel forks, while the skinny seat tube and back end should mean a springier, whiplash ride than 853 frames. We’ve only just started riding it as a complete bike, though, so you’ll have to wait a month or two for a full exclusive first ride test.

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