Limar Pro 104 helmet review£69.99

Makes a bold weight claim - but we're not arguin'

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Limar's new Pro 104 comes with 'The World's Lightest Helmet' emblazoned across the shell... and that seems to be accurate, at least for now.

Our L/XL model tipped the scales at just 201g, a couple of grams lighter than the medium sized Specialized S-Works 2D, and Limar claims an extremely-darn-feathery 180g for the S/M model. The in-moulded monocoque design is low profile with acres of vent space to funnel cool air in - which is better during summer than it is at this time of year.

Thankfully, all that gram shaving doesn't diminish the comfort; you get as much sweat-shifting padding as you need inside, while an easy-turn dial on the plastic retention system allows you to fine-tune the fit even on the fly. The soft straps are easy to adjust too, and the overall build quality is superb.

The Pro 104 might not have the head-turning styling of some lids out there but the red/carbon, white/carbon and blue/carbon colour options will suit most tastes.

As you'd expect, the Limar conforms to all the usual safety standards, and you can buy a replacement at 50 per cent retail price if you damage it in a crash within three years - which sounds like a top deal to us.

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