TSG Evo Camo Helmet review£29.99

Comfier & better vented new version of an old fave

BikeRadar score4/5

TSG’s new potty gets a better shape, better venting and loads of colour options. 

This is a developed version of a lid we’ve already been wearing for years. TSG have reshaped it so it extends lower on both temples and behind the ears and the back of your skull to give better protection.

Add neat buckle detailing on straps inserted into the edge of the shell and you’ve got a very secure helmet that meets all the relevant safety standards.

Fourteen slot vents help radiate heat out better than most pots too, so while there’s no cross-country lid style breeze across your bonce you won’t be blinded by sweat after 10 minutes’ hard riding. Sizing is tight though, and the Sm/Med was snug even on my peanut-sized head.

There are 16 different colour/graphics choices plus carbon shell, ‘Disco’, six signature models (including Cam McCaul, Sam Pilgrim and Timo Pritzel) and an XS girl's potty too, so style’s certainly not going to be an issue.

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