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"Quick food on the go, but not high in calories or as tasty as other Soreen products"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 4.00pm By

Soreen-loving riders will think all their Christmasses have come at once when they hear their favourite maltloaf has branched out into the snackbar market.

The Soreen GO bar – a gobfull of raisins, rice, malt, oats and wheat – is sure to prove a hit among those of us who’ve ended up with a buttered slice of maltloaf squished to a blob in the rucksack before.

It’s also a nutritionally sound 95 percent fat free and high in carbs for a quick fix energy boost. Unfortunately it doesn’t pack as much energy as, say a PowerBar, so you’d need to eat two or three of these to do the same job.

Although we didn’t love it quite as much as the Soreen loaf (the maltiness did remind some in the office of Marmite and cornflakes), this snack’s much easier to transport, and we had to get a second batch sent for testing as the first batch ‘disappeared’ – which speaks volumes!

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