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Energy gel for sensitive stomachs

BikeRadar score3/5

High5's EnergyGel is worth a punt for anyone who's experienced an upset stomach after gel consumption. It's free from a lot of the artificial rubbish found in many other gels, and its subtly sweet flavour means it's not a challenge to ingest.

Each 38g sachet contains 23g of carbohydrates (92kcal) and amounts to about one mouthful. If there's one criticism, we don't think there's quite enough liquid in each, but High5 reckon it's the ideal amount in terms of energy requirements and how much your body can comfortably digest.

You also need to be quick to gulp it down once you tear open the sachet, as its sticky, watery consistency can get messy if you're not careful. It's certainly not a gel to put back in your jersey pocket half consumed.

As with most energy products, the rub comes in the price. At £19.80 for 20 sachets, High5's gel isn't as costly as some, the slightly low carb content together with their advice to consume up to three per hour will hit your wallet hard.

EnergyGel comes in apple, banana, citrus, orange and summer fruits flavours, and a caffeinated option, EnergyGel Plus, is available for the same price.

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