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"Very effective energy drink for sustained performance, and palatable too."

Sunday, July 16, 2006 11.00pm By

Energy drink giants High5 have launched their newest weapon in the fight against fatigue: SuperCarbs.

It's reported to deliver up to 40 per cent more carbs to the working muscles than rival drinks by reducing the absorption time through the wall of the intestine, and High5 are so confident that they'll donate £10,000 to charity if another drink can be shown to be better in empirical testing.

The 4:1 (four parts carb to one part protein) summer fruits flavour certainly helped us fight fatigue on several 12- and 24-hour enduros, but the biggest bonus was how drinkable it was - forcing the fluid down our necks was never an issue, as it is with some other less palatable energy drinks we've experienced.

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SuperCarb 4:1 Energy Source

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