Abus Hill Bill helmet review£89.99

Chunky performer

BikeRadar score3/5

The new Hill Bill helmet from Abus might not have the looks to suit everyone’s tastes, but after a lot of wear, it has proven it can hang with the big guys. It arrived with two sets of padding – one that was meshed together and one set of normal pads – and some blanking plugs for any whippets who want to run it without the visor.

The outer shell and EPS liner are in-moulded, with a part of the outer shell covering the lower edge of the helmet too. The venting is aided by the large size holes, placed at good angles to get air straight in and down to the business of cooling your bonce.

The adjustment system is neat too – just put the helmet on, and click the ratchet style slider into position. It might not look overly refined, especially considering the price, but the performance is good, so you should find yourself able to overlook the chunky plastic feel.

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