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"Occasionally steamy, but well protected and with free crash scheme"

Monday, April 30, 2007 11.00pm By

You may not have heard of Apex before, but they offer some good features at a great price - not least a free crash replacement scheme.The Mustang is loaded with front, top and rear vents, but there's little in the way of internal channelling to encourage airflow across your nut.

This leaves it steamier than it looks, but it's still okay most of the time unless you're climbing hard and slow. The non-adjustable peak is low set, which looks a bit strange, but it does its job fine. The broad pads also create more skin contact than most lids - meaning more sweat - but they're easy to whip out and wash. Sized shells (rather than universal) also mean a good close fit and good coverage at the nape.

The ratchet fit adjustment cradle is set very high which reduces its stability, but it is replaceable. Almost full hardshell coverage adds weight but it does increase helmet protection.


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