Giant Ares helmet£59.99

Top-of-the-range lid

BikeRadar score3/5

The Ares road lid sits at the top of Giant’s range of eight helmets, which includes three children’s models.

The construction is pretty standard for modern helmets, with an InMould shell consisting of a polystyrene interior and a hard plastic exterior which is moulded together under high pressure.

The Ares boasts a carbon fibre ring running through the front of the helmet, but we’re not convinced that this is enough to increase the protection offered.

Overall this is a decent helmet, the 22 large vents keeping our heads pretty cool even during some seriously hot rides.

We found the retention system straightforward, though the chin strap – which unusually is attached to the lower part of the shell rather than within the helmet – took a bit of getting used to.

The Ares is at a price point where there’s a lot of competition, and the Trek Sonic and Abus S Force just about shade it.

It weighs 315g and is available in three colours: team (tested), charcoal, and the pink of the Ares women-specific helmet. It’s certified to European CE 1078 standard.

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