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"Great venting performance, but surprisingly weighty"

Monday, April 30, 2007 11.00pm By

Another long-running and iconic helmet from Giro, the E2 has been top of the XC tree for several years.

Various sized vents and angular scoops access massive vaulted channels from front to back and a full width exhaust slot sitting under the small spoiler at the back. The particularly posh angle adjustable visor is vented too, which gives a completely supercharged wind rush from nib to nape, even at moderate speeds. It also lets you tune how much shelter you get from the weather if you like your horizon high or low brow. Thin detachable pads run along the spines and brow ridge to mop up what sweat does leak out, while three size options ensure a snug fit. The Roc Loc 4 retention cradle is easily one of the best around too, with height and girth adjustment - plus soft rubber sides for maximum comfort. Our only gripe is that the helmet is significantly heavier (50g) than claimed and even in a medium size, the E2 is a relatively weighty hat.


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Available Colours:
Blue/White Red/White Various White/Silver
Weight (g):
No of Vents:
Available In (Mens/Womens):
Mens Womens
Sizes Available:
Protective Material:
EVA Foam Plush Foam Padding
Fastening Type:
Roc lock 3
Shell Material:
Helmet Sizes Available:
Large 59-63cm Medium 55-59cm Small 51-55cm

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