Giro Feature helmet £70

Impressive new lid

BikeRadar score 4/5

The new Giro Feature has the weight, comfort and looks of a much more expensive lid. As well as all that, it also has the option of a yellow colour so bright we almost want to orbit it, like a planet around the sun.

Coverage is very good – it wraps around your head, rather than perching on top – and it’s very secure. A noticeable lack of inertia from its wispy 300g helps even further, as even the roughest rock gardens do nothing to shake it loose.

Despite the lack of mass (even the straps feel paper-weight) the in-moulded shell is stiff and confidence-inspiring. The adjustable peak is also pleasingly secure. The downside is a reasonable amount of heat build-up.

The fit for us was excellent, but close, deep coverage means even the 12 large vents can struggle to keep you cool. It’s not bad, but not as good as, say, Giro’s own Xen. It's a lot cheaper than the Xen though, and it’s great for aggressive riders needing light but all-round protection.

Adjustment is by an easy-to-use knurled wheel and, despite sparse, thin padding inside the helmet, it’s almost possible to forget you’re wearing it completely. Five other colour options, including silver and black available.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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