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Lazer Genesis Helmet

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"Stylish, well-vented racing helmet with an easily adjustable and effective fitting system. But it ain't Snell approved"

Thursday, August 31, 2006 11.00pm By

This road-racing helmet is used by the Quick Step team. It's well vented, with 19 of them giving a good flow of air over the head, and fairly light.

Physically it has the usual ribbed design with a plastic outer shell over an expanded polystyrene body. What's interesting about it is the (patent pending) Rollsys harness. Most helmets have an adjustable cradle for the back of the head, but here the rolling dial adjusts the whole cradle. Bowden cables pull in the sides and front of the cradle too. Accordingly, it's easy to get a snug fit quickly. The strap adjusters are likewise easy to use, clipping up to allow movement and clipping down to secure in place.

The helmet fitted me (57cm head, longish rather than roundish) snugly - perhaps too snugly: despite the padding, the foremost Velcro pad on the helmet cradle pressed into my forehead leaving a red circle like I'd been poked with a snooker cue. Being on the borderline between helmet sizes, I'd go for the larger one instead of the smaller one next time around. My one reservation with the helmet is, as with most of the ones I review, the safety standard: it's rated to EN 1078 and the US CPSC standard which is good, but not Snell B90 or B95, which I strongly favour.


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