Limar 911 Helmet £70

Great-looking but flawed ventilation

BikeRadar score 3.5/5

In stealth black, the 911 looks really good, but has some undoubted niggles. It feels really secure, but it thick padding hinders air flow. Good if you tend to get a cold head or you're follically challenged.

Dialling in the ratchet results in some solid security, but we’d prefer the ends of the cradle to be hidden because they looked cheap and snagged jerseys with monotonous regularity. 

We ditched the Velcro tidy for the ends of the chin straps, too, because it soaked up sweat and chafed like crazy.

Fit is shallow and, in typically Italian style, comes in medium or XL.

We really overheated in it, despite the 37 vents – the padding is just way too thick to allow air to circulate around your head.

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