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TSG Kraken helmet

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"If you have an odd shaped head, the Kraken will fit"

Saturday, July 31, 2010 3.00pm By

The trouble with pisspot style helmets is the basic – some might call it poor – fit. TSG have totally rewritten the rules with the Kraken, and created a lid that morphs to the shape of almost any head.

They’ve achieved this by using an EPS structure, which is slotted and joined with thermoplastic segments that allow the helmet to change from a rounder profile to an oval shape around your head – it’s the comfiest fit we’ve tried of any helmet, although it's weighty at 533g.

The sturdy high-density ABS shell also takes repeated knocks before it needs replacing, and the overall build quality is of usual TSG spec. It’s a great investment if you have an odd shaped or sized noggin and usually find it difficult to find helmets that fit you properly.

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# Kraken Flex Technology for increased comfort and fit # High density injected ABS shell # Lightweight EPS impact foam # 14 aerodynamic vents # Inside ventilation channels # Removable interior die-cut pads (2 sets per helmet) # 3-point strap adjustment # Snap chin buckle # EN1078/CPSC certified
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