Asterisk Cell knee brace £290.67

Knee protection system

BikeRadar score 4/5

Asterisk have been developing some of the most technologically advanced knee braces for some years now and we’ve had the chance to put their top-of-the-line Cell brace to the test. 

Last year our Whistler correspondent Cal destroyed the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in his knee. This was the perfect opportunity to see how the brace worked on a recently rehabilitated knee.

The Cell has all of Asterisk’s most advanced knee technology, including an Adjustable Retention Cuff to protect from lateral blows, Anti Rotation Tether for ALC protection and the Uni-Quad Fastening system, which works like a corset over neoprene for comfort.

Once you’ve adjusted all the relevant settings and tuned the brace to your leg you can forget about it. There’s no irritating rubbing behind the knee, restriction of movement or muscle pressure, even on long cross-country rides. 

On more aggressive terrain you can feel the 360-degree support it gives to your knee without allowing your muscles to completely rely on it.

Cal now uses the brace every time he races, whether it be cross-country or downhill, and we'd recommend it to anyone who still wants to be serious about their riding after a knee injury.


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