Knox Cross Max Pads £49.99

Left- and right-handed pads kneepads offering full coverage and good articulation

BikeRadar score 4/5

These kneepads use left and right-specific shaping to create a pronounced curve for an instantly accurate fit, which also means a reduced chance of rotation for when you do go down.

Plenty of rise in the boxed out sections means lots of air between you and the channelled and perforated padding too, so they stay pretty cool and dry inside. Protection wise, deep wraparound flanks use a tough, lightly padded material for extra side coverage and there's no chance of the shell rivets savaging your skin.
The overlapping two piece design gives easy articulation for pedalling, with full knee coverage at all times and plenty of extension up the thigh too.
It could do with a bit more length on the top strap to stop the exposed Velcro grabbing the bottom of your shorts, while the first calf strap could probably be a bit shorter. Overall these are minor niggles on an otherwise excellent set of kneepads though.


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