SixSixOne (661) Evo knee pads review



SixSixOne (661) Evo knee pads

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"Lightweight pads that are comfortable enough to be worn all day"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 11.00am By

The EVOs’ d3o padding makes them some of the comfiest pads around, which gives you plenty of freedom to keep mashing the pedals all day. Their coverage is good too. The vented rear means you don’t get hot or clammy, which is great on warm days.

The two straps keep the pads in place well, without restricting movement or causing irritation. The pricetag will certainly put a few people off though, and the d3o padding is pretty thin in places, which doesn’t inspire the confidence that some other knee pads do.

This article was originally published in Mountain Biking UK magazine.

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Evo D30 Knee Pads (11)

Sizes Available:
* SixSixOne knee pads wit Internal D3O molded knee pad cup for total impact protection and comfort * D3O knee pads with Stretch Kordura and soft-fit construction allows flexibility and breathability * DuPont Kevlar in the front panel of these Evo knee pads protects the knee from abrasion * The SixSixOne Evo has a pre-curved ergonomic fit * SixSixOne Evo pads have an upper-adjustment closure

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