Fenwicks Lubes £4.99

Mid-price, mid-performance lubes

BikeRadar score 3.5/5

We’ve had Fenwicks ‘All conditions’ and ‘Wet conditions’ lubes on the go since early spring now, and they’re okay but not outstanding. 100ml for £4.99 is a decent price, but you’re sure to waste a fair bit of it until you get used to the speed at which it splurges out.

That said, the All Conditions lube lasts well on road bikes for a lube of this viscosity. In recent wet conditions we found that we only needed to reapply it sparingly every 7 to 10 days when riding daily for best results.

On the mountain bike, we’ve been getting a few hours’ off-road riding before squeaking starts in properly filthy conditions with the 'wet' lube and about 50km mixed riding with the ‘All’, which is about average for a mid-price lube.

 Not needing to use too much means that a 100ml bottle should last you a good two to three months, depending on conditions and how much you ride.

All Conditions is a thinnish wet lube that should be applied to a clean chain to get the most out of it. It’s easy to apply and is relatively mess-free. 

Once you’ve worked it into the links and wiped off any excess it provides a smooth ride while helping to protect and increase your chain’s life.

You definitely need to heed the advice about wiping down with a cloth after lubing too, or you are sure to end up with messy mechs and black grime all over the place.


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