Green Oil £5.2

Biodegradable lube

BikeRadar score 4.5/5

Several lubes boast green credentials, but Green Oil trumps them all.

For a start, it’s not an irritant to humans, trees, fish, or anything else.

Green Oil has the slogan ‘destroy limits, not nature’, and was created to allow riders to challenge their own personal limits without compromising their environment. It’s a great soundbite, but does it work?

Yes, it does – we found it performed as well as any other wet lube we've tested. You will need to reapply it regularly, but the long nozzle makes light work of the job.

As well as being completely biodegradable, the label is printed on recycled paper, the bottle is recyclable and you get 20p off if you send it back for a refill.

The cap can’t be re-sealed, making it unsuitable for touring.

The lube itself is made from a secret formula of naturally occurring plant extracts and not palm oil, which has dubious rainforest connections.

Whatever the alchemy, it works. During our commutes, Green Oil kept the drivetrain running smoothly.

You might need to re-apply a little more often than wet lubes, but there’s not much in it.

It’s made in the UK, so has a smaller carbon footprint than many imported products.

We think you’ll struggle to find a bike lube with greener credentials.


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