Genuine Innovations Mountain pipe review£29.99

Hybrid CO2 pump

BikeRadar score4/5

Genuine Innovations (GI) have put some serious thought into their genuinely innovative hybrid hiss-fixer and the results put it right onto our most wanted kit list.

They aren’t the first to combine a CO2 canister and pump, but it’s done well. The adjustable pressure release means the 16g canister gives accurate reinflation of up to a 2.3in tyre rather than just a single-shot burst.

The canister also forms the handle for the conventional fat shaft pump. This tops up tyres (or fills them completely if you’ve already used the canister) quickly for a short-stroker.

The hollow shaft includes a Schraeder adaptor and two patches, and there’s room for split chain links, spare bolts and so on. At 184g it weighs much less than a separate pump and CO2 combo, and its price is comparable too.

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