Bontrager Supercharger Floor Pump review£39.99

Accurate workshop pump

BikeRadar score3/5

There are loads of track pumps on the market these days, but the latest one in our workshop is a good 'un.

Top of a three-pump Bontrager range, paying £10 extra for the Supercharger gets you a pressure bleed valve on the head for super accurate inflation and deflation. While the shaft is slightly wobbly and it’s not the fastest filler, the stroke is smooth and easy.

The broad base and handle keep the whole unit stable right up to the 160psi max and the top-mounted gauge is accurate.

The head adjusts automatically for Presta or car type Schrader valves – handy if you need to pump up kids' and neighbours' bikes, and there are even football and paddling pool adaptors.

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