Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive track pump review



Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive track pump

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100.0 out of 5 stars

"Lezyne bring their typical elegance, efficiency and styling to this design"

Thursday, April 5, 2012 11.00am By

Lezyne really deliver with this classic pump. It has a superbly reassuring feel, aided by its comfortable varnished wooden handle, while the CNC-machined base and 15mm shaft make it very stable and the gauge is clear to read. 

Add in a long hose and great build quality and you’ve got a more than competent pump, but what really makes it is Lezyne’s excellent Flip-Thread chuck. This does away with a locking lever, the reversible head screwing directly – and very securely – onto Presta valves for leak-free pumping every time. Slightly slower to attach, but worth it, and it makes bent Presta valves a thing of the past. Comes in four colours. 

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Alloy Floor Drive (12)

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Presta Schraeder
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