Bontrager Air Rush Road mini pump £22.99

Far from an ordinary inflator

BikeRadar score 5/5

This Bontrager inflator delivers a neat double whammy. The conventional low volume, but high-pressure compatible, 68g mini pump works fine if you’re not in a hurry to fix a flat on a training ride.

If you need to get wind into your wheels fast though, you can screw in one of the two included 16g CO2 cartridges for immediate inflation.

The flow regulator dial on the end means accurate pressure control so you won’t waste a cartridge if the pump isn’t quite attached properly.

The slim pump drops easily into a back pocket but it also comes with an H-shaped bracket that’ll fit under your bottle.

Being able to hold the pump is a whole lot easier than trying to hold on to a freezing cartridge body. All in all, this is a really well-designed flat fixing kit at a cracking price.

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