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Maxgear Micro 100 Pump

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"Well made but too small to be really practical"

Monday, September 14, 2009 9.00am By

Is it just us, or are mini-pumps getting smaller by the month? And this offering from Maxgear is about the smallest of the lot.

It’s a lovely little item with an anodised aluminium barrel – available in six colours – and it will easily fit in any bag or pocket.

It weighs just 59g, with an extra 5g for the Schrader valve adaptor, but its tiny size – it’s just 10cm long and 2cm in diameter – is also its biggest disadvantage.

Both the valves work well, but in spite of that, pumping road tyres up to a reasonable pressure proved much harder and more frustrating than with larger – but still small – mini-pumps.

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Max Gear

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