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SKS Spaero mini pump

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"Small but with good ergonomics and performance"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 12.00pm By

A minimalist black beauty from Germany. Flip open the rubber top and a short rubber hose with a Presta valve-only screw-on head is revealed. And in spite of its minuscule proportions and tiny weight the Spaero’s ergonomics are surprisingly good. 

The pump may only be 21cm long but it still manages a healthy 13cm stroke, and with the shorter hose-end of the pump offering a decent grip and the shaft a healthy centimetre in diameter it has a strong and positive pumping action. 

The smooth barrel is good to grip even without gloves, and while the performance figures don’t look that great it carries on going comfortably, making this one of the better genuinely mini mini pumps out there. 

This article was originally published in Cycling Plus magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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Spaero mini pump

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