Topeak Harpoon DX £22.00

A pump that is quickly released from its holster for quick draw pumping with a trigger handle that's comfortable to use.

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Flip the rubbery straps and release the pump from its holster for quick draw pumping, with a trigger handle that's easy and comfortable to use.

Uniquely, adaptors to pump up footballs and inflatable sheep are hidden in the handle - which is nice. The flap covered Smarthead design moulds the head internals to fit either Presta or Schraeder with a flip of the metal thumblock, giving good valve clampage. The solid-feeling body telescopes out to produce a familiar click-clack pump, and the large chamber can be locked down for the final high-pressure tongue-out spurts, although we got better results keeping it in the fully open position. For those with long-term pump partnerships in mind, spares are readily available.

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