Park Tool PCS-10 home mechanic repair stand £149.99

A workstand for the serious DIYer

BikeRadar score 4.5/5

Park Tool blue is arguably the most visible hue in any bicycle workshop, with the brand’s 50-year American history – which started with a repair stand – brought to the home mechanic in the form of the PCS-10.

In the past, the consumer-level Park stands have been good, but not the benchmark – will the PCS-10 turn this around?

Construction and design: solid and reassuring

Featuring a revised clamp head with a similar handle to Park Tool’s PRS-25 Team Issue stand, it’s designed to fit a wide range of tube shapes from aero seat posts to massive diameter tubes. The one-hand operation spin and quick-release closure cam combines speed and accurate tension adjustment, two things that make all the difference to the functionality and satisfaction of a repair stand.

The rubber clamp jaws are replaceable and reasonably compact for fitting into tight-access areas

With a clamp height of 87mm, it’s not quite as compact as the PRS-25’s professional model, but it will fit all but the tightest-access frames and posts. The clamp is fully rotatable and can be set to clamp vertically, horizontally or anywhere between. This rotating action is something Park does best – rock solid when needed, and free to move when desired.

A welded steel construction keeps the stand stiff and reassuringly durable

With steel construction, the 45kg maximum load is far higher than that of many comparably priced folding work stands (and some non-folding too!) and so has very little flex, a benefit that’s quickly apparent when trying to undo stuck pedals and other high-torque items.

Much like the PRS-25, the PCS-10 makes contact with the ground at three points, with the weight focused over the two front folding legs, which create a sturdy, topple-free setup – assuming the ground is even.

Portable use: a few niggles

It’s this point where the PCS-10’s forward-support design lags behind its tripod-styled competitors, which offer greater stability on varying surfaces. If using the PCS-10 outside, it’s important to keep the weight balanced centrally over the front legs and pointing downhill if on a slope.

A large quick release lever enables height adjustment

Stand height is fully adjustable via the solid quick release levers, with a minimum height of 109cm and a maximum of 152cm (from top of clamp). Just be wary of the subtle maximum height marking – or risk doing damage to the stand, your bike or even yourself. 

Using a combination of spring buttons, quick releases and a handle to collapse the stand, there are a few steps involved.  The folding and storing of the stand isn’t quite as quick or simple as tripod-style stands, but it will eventually get to a more compact 104cm folded size, with unscrewing the clamp an option to get it smaller again. Still, the 7.49kg weight will quickly become a nuisance if you’re regularly attending events and having to carry your stuff in.

For an extra outlay, the PCS-10 can be turned into a complete workstation with the addition of a tool tray, wheel truing add-on and even a paper towel holder. We were perfectly happy with the stand on its own and a good workbench.

While not as good as Feedback Sports tripod stands if you’re seeking a travel stand or something for use outside, the PCS-10 is just about perfect for the home mechanic and represents great value that will pay for itself time and time again. 

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