Park PCS-11 workstand £149.99

Basic home workstand

BikeRadar score 3.5/5

A folding workstand is the way to go for most keen spanner waggers. They’re invaluable at home and a godsend away at the races. The PCS-11’s aluminium construction drops the weight right down without compromising on rigidity.

A composite cam-lock clamp fits pretty much any tube size and shape, and can rotate through 360 degrees. The stand is pretty sturdy, and features a wide triangulated base and rigid tubes, although the gloss finish means the tubes can twist in their clamps. 

Park Tools equipment usually rocks our world, but despite these good points, overall the PCS11 workstand was a little disappointing. The frame clamp cam lever needs a fair bit of twisting after locking down to get it tight enough, and the folding/ unfolding procedure can be a bit awkward. 

You have to remove the clamp to fold it flat, and the legs are a pain to set in place, so this is more of a put-it-up-and-leave-it unit than one you’d travel with. Even at home, we didn’t find it as secure and stable as we’d have liked. Our advice? Go for the Park PRS15 instead. At £299.99 it’s way more money, but it’s worth it.

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