Lifeline Professional Carrybox tool kit review£99.99

Big selection of decent-quality tools for the money

BikeRadar score4.5/5

There’s no escaping the Park-like intent of Lifeline’s blue keynoted tools and toolbox, but it’s the sheer scope of this tool chest that gets it top-value points. It'll make you feel like the spanner Santa has come down your shed chimney.

All the major must-have tools are in there. External and internal bottom bracket tools, a chainwhip, a crank puller and freehub remover are all mounted on separate rubber-handled wrenches. 

There’s a decent set of cable cutters, a chain tool, big steel tyre levers and also some cheeky Park-copy looped spoke keys.

If we had to pick fault, the T-bar Allen keys are likely to wear out first, but there’s everything you need in here for 95 percent of bike maintenance moments.

Lifeline even chucks a chain-cleaning machine, tape measure and brushes into the handy double-tray tackle box.

Compared with anything else we’ve seen near this price, it’s an absolute bargain.

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