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"Handily versatile grease though you might want to get the bigger tub"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 9.00am By

Grease needs to remain where it’s put, even under load. It needs to be resistant to breakdown, and also be clean and easy to apply. Finish Line's Ceramic Grease ticks all the boxes.

The name comes from the addition to the mix of micron-sized ceramic particles that “reinforce” the grease's Teflon structure, Finish Line says. As well as increasing durability, this also makes it suitable for use as anti-seize on seat posts, stems and crank bolts.

You don't get much for your money though, and the 60g tube gets used up quickly if you’re building bikes from scratch. For heavy users it's also available in 1 pound tubs, 35 pound pails, and 400 pound drums!

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Ceramic Grease

2oz / 60 g
Manufacturer's Description:
Finish Line's Ceramic Grease represents Finish Line's most advanced bearing lubrication technology. Formulated with sub-micron ceramic particles, Teflon® fluoropolymer and premium non-toxic synthetic oils. Guaranteed to optimize the performance and efficiency of bottom brackets, hubs and headset bearings. As bearings become coated with Teflon and ceramic particles, friction and heat is dissipated. Bearings last longer and run quieter and smoother. Prevents rusting even when exposed to salt water! Excellent on stems & posts as well as cables and threaded assemblies.

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