White Lightning Clean Streak degreaser £9.15

Fast drying, powerful cleaner

BikeRadar score 3/5

Also sold as a package with ‘The Trigger’ clip-on chain cleaning device, Clean Streak is an aerosol ‘dry’ degreaser that requires no water or rinse. We tested the Clean Streak alone – a degreaser and brake cleaner – and this dual-purpose product has served well in our workshop duties.

Clean Streak lacks the powered blasting action we loved with Finish Line’s Speed Clean; but has a similar cutting strength. This quickly rips through the toughest grime and grit, allowing it to drip away before drying.

For certain delicate jobs, we like that the aerosol isn’t turbo-charged with pressure, and rather lets the chemicals and a rag do the hard-work.

The ‘Dry’ aspect proves true, with Clean Streak drying quickly, leaving no residue behind and requiring no water rinse-off.

Much as we found with Finish Line’s Speed Clean, this aerosol degreaser isn’t the most economical way to clean a filthy chain. If your chain has been neglected with months of use, you’re still better off cleaning a chain the ‘wet’ way.

Smaller jobs such as brake rotors, derailleurs or a light clean of a chain had us reaching for Clean Streak. With just 12oz (355ml) in the can, it’s not cheap – although a larger 23oz (680ml) can is available for greater value.

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