Lauf Trail Racer 29in fork - Eurobike 2013

Undamped, lightweight sub-1 kilo suspension fork

Icelandic company Lauf Forks are a new name to the world of mountain biking and they're bringing with them a new concept – a fork placed between suspension and rigid forks.

The non-traditional Lauf Trail Racer 29in forks give 60mm of sprung travel with the flex coming from from glass fibre ribs. The forks are designed for 29er race bikes where weight matters and weigh just 980 grams. Most suspension forks weigh close to double that.

With only 60mm of travel, Lauf believe you don't need the ability to tune the damping. That said, three versions are available for different rider weights.

Lauf are therefore pitching the forks as lighter than suspension, but offering improved control and comfort over rigid forks.

Lauf will be taking pre-orders in October, with delivery expected next summer. They’re aiming for a cost of around €990, selling direct to consumers. For more information, visit

Glass fibres provide the flex on the Lauf Trail Racer suspension fork

We featured the Lauf Trail Racer fork at number 3 in our weird and wonderful video from Eurobike 2013:

lauf forks

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