Nukeproof’s 2013 bikes unveiled - Eurobike 2012

New Scalp, Mega, Rook and Solum mountain bikes

After the success of the brand in 2012, it’s no surprise to see Nukeproof have pushed the boat out for 2013. Here’s what’s happening with their key models.


Over the last few weeks it’s all been about Nukeproof’s new downhill frame, the Pulse. Little has been mentioned about the bike that helped paved their way, the Scalp. Well, the good news is that the Scalp is still part of the full-sus range for 2013.

The Scalp will now only be available as a frame or in one build option. The frame comes with a RockShox Kage rear shock and costs an impressive £1,299. In its complete build, which includes a RockShox Domain 200mm (7.9in) fork, it will set you back £2,200.

The idea is to offer a solid, first time race bike at a competitive price that still delivers when it comes to performance.


A lot of effort has gone into the Mega for 2013. It will now be offered in either the TR or AM version. Both bikes get a reworked rear end and linkage to provide a more supple initial stroke for improved sensitivity. 

The Trail option has 130mm (5.1in) of rear wheel travel and is paired with a 150mm (5.9in) fork up front. The head angle gets steepened over the previous version, to 67 degrees, in a bid to make the bike more trail friendly. It will be available as a frame-only option with a RockShox Monarch shock for £1,099, or in one complete build package for £2,999.

Nukeproof Mega TR

For more aggressive riders, the Mega AM offers 160mm (6.3in) of travel at the rear and complete bikes will come with a 170mm (6.7in) fork as standard.

There are two build options available for the Mega, with the top offering featuring the Cane Creek Double Barrel coil shock and a smattering of SRAM XO - all for £3,599. The cheaper option at £2599 features SRAM X9 kit and a RockShox Monarch Plus.

Both AM bikes feature a 66-degree head angle and are 10mm longer in the top tube compared to the previous version of the Mega. The seat angle also gets slackened off to 72 degrees.

Nukeproof Mega AM


Another key bike for Nukeproof’s full-sus line up is the Rook, their fully fledged slopestyle beast.

Big news here is that the Rook will only be available as a frame for 2013, and will come with a RockShox Monarch rear shock and adaptor cup for the integrated hydraulic gyro should you wish not to run one. All this slopestyle loveliness can be yours for £1,049.99.

The burly aluminium Rook


This elegant little Cro-Mo steel dirt jump number is crammed with features ready to make many a skinny jean-wearing youth’s day.

The 44mm head tube allows for just about any fork steerer or headset angle cups should you be looking to tweak things, there’s a 73mm Spanish bottom bracket and out back there are integrated adjustable chain tensioners.

Speaking of integration, the 27.2mm seatpost clamp is neatly integrated into the seat tube, to help keep things looking clean and tidy.

The Solum is another frame-only option, retailing for £349.

The new dirt-jumping Solum, for slopestyle riders

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