Full Beam Fusion SpeedLED£499.99

Speed-sensitive light system

BikeRadar score4/5

Full Beam’s revolutionary light (361g) isn’t totally polished but it’s a brilliant no-brainer unit for flat-out technical riding.

By linking the light to a cycle computer style sensor and magnet, the faster you go the brighter the light shines – up to an insanely bright 3,000-lumen maximum. 

It automatically punches ahead when you’re blasting, but reduces glare on slower or techy sections. This lets you concentrate on riding and maximises the already decent battery life (two hours five minutes).

The speed steps, fade length and brightness are all custom tunable, and you can also run it as a conventional integrated light. The metal clamp is awkward to adjust, the battery runs out abruptly and a cordless sensor would be much neater, but the overall concept still makes it one of our favourites.

Full beam fusion speedled beam shot:

This article was originally published in Mountain Biking UK magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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