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"Beautifully made and reasonable output, but too-tall helmet mount and run time indicator grumbles"

Monday, November 4, 2013 10.00am By

Hope's new single-LED lamp is designed as a multi-sports all-rounder. Its power is decent for the price, but the lofty helmet mount and lack of a run-time display are frustrating.

The offset two-bolt metal clamp sites the tiny light over/in front of the stem centre, while the small hardcase battery fits easily onto most frames with the elasticated Velcro strap. 

A pre-coiled cable means less wire dangle, which is a tidy solution. The reasonably punchy yet even beam works well for low-speed technical riding, particularly when helmet mounted. A generous battery life means you can run it full chat for most rides, which offsets the theoretical power advantages of similarly-priced rivals.

The tall stem, which then connects to a tall bayonet mount that bolts into the helmet mount, means the R1 looms off the top of your head like a periscope. We got painfully caught in low branches several times. 

There's also no low battery warning light – just a flash in the beam every 15 seconds once it automatically drops to limp-home levels, so judging run times, especially as it gets older, is a lottery.

Hope r1 beam shot: hope r1 beam shot

Hope R1 beam shot

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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R1 (13)

Run time: 2:45 hours, Weight: 123+134 = 257g, LED: Single, unspecified, Lux: 150, Battery: 2600mAh, Mounts: bar, helmet, head strap

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