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Light and Motion Seca Enduro 2000

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"A seriously powerful light with good reach and beam spread"

Sunday, October 27, 2013 12.00pm By

Light and Motion's new Seca Enduro is a seriously powerful all-round illuminator with a high price to match. 

The rounded head fixes firmly onto the bar front with a rubber strap and it's light enough to mount on your lid too. The bulky hardshell battery can be a bit harder to secure to frames though. The flush button is also hard to find with thick gloves in winter too. 

Three top LEDs give a huge reach and spread of light ahead of you down the trail while three smaller lower LEDs shining through a partly diffused lens gives glare-free 3D context all the way down to your front wheel

The simpler two-output 'race' mode is useful too. Price is high for the power output though and the reliability of recent L&M test lamps has been variable.

Light and motion seca enduro 2000 beam shot: light and motion seca enduro 2000 beam shot

Light and Motion Seca Enduro 2000 beam shot

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Seca Enduro 2000 (13)
Light and Motion

Weight: 132g + 327g = 459g, Run time: 2:40, Lux: 391

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