MTB Batteries Lumenator front light review£105.00

Practical and reliable bargain twin-head unit

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The price (including postage) is new but the Lumenator has been around and impressing our testers for a couple of years. The simple ribbed twin LED head unit still knocks out 1800 lumens with a decent enough spread for bar use and enough reach to spot trail trouble far enough ahead at speed.

MTB Batteries started out offering upgrade batteries for other people’s lights before starting to design its own, meaning the battery is much better quality than most cheap lights with an impressive initial run-time that holds its capacity well even if you’re using it intensively.

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Practical detail is outstanding for the price too. The bag battery comes with a stabiliser strap to stop it sliding backwards and forwards on frame tubes. The luminous green O-rings for the light mount are also easy to see if you drop them in a dark car park.

Rather than putting a strobe setting into the mode merry-go-round like some cheap lights do, there’s a separate button for the flashing sequence and they’re even colour coded so you don’t hit the wrong one just as you drop into a descent. Reliability has been excellent on every MTB Batteries light we’ve used too but check you’re actually buying from the company direct – as even at this bargain price there are some lower quality copycat lights about.

  • Weight: 523g
  • Run time: 3:50hr

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