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Tumble and Fall Pro 1600L

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"Good level of brightness, but reach isn't great for the price"

Saturday, November 2, 2013 12.00pm By

The Pro 1600L is a well priced barrel of brightness, but it has some beam and button sequence issues. 

It uses the same broad plastic bar mount and over strapped helmet mount as the One23 but the chubby head unit contains four LEDs for a broader beam spread. Even for under £150 its reach is adequate rather than amazing though. 

Battery life is better than most and run time is clearly signalled by the glove-friendly backlit backswitch. The rubberised battery is easy to home securely too.

The beam pattern has a noticeable centre beam and outer halo pattern which leaves a dim mid-range that can be disorientating. You'll need to jump a scary 'off' moment between low to high settings too, but at least flash settings are separate.

Tumble and fall pro 1600l beam shot: tumble and fall pro 1600l beam shot

Tumble and Fall Pro 1600L beam shot

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Pro 1600L (13)
Tumble and Fall

Weight: 177g + 281g = 458, Run time: 3:40, Lux: 224

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