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Roeckl Montefino 820 gloves - heavily padded with plenty of traction

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"Heavily-padded summer weight glove, but poor palm ventilation isn’t for the hottest days"

Saturday, November 23, 2013 12.00pm By

There's no mistaking it, the Roeckl Montefino gloves are top-end – and they have a correspondingly top-end price. They have a super breathable back, a heavily padded gel palm and plenty of grip. There aren't many better gloves out there.

The fit was exceptional, with no throttling under the palm, and the perfectly placed, thick gel padding merged with the grip and helped improve bar control. The finger length was spot on and perfectly cut for gripping the bar.

Secure bar grip was achieved in all conditions thanks to the silicone grippers covering the palm. This meant we could get away with not holding the bar so tightly, reducing hand fatigue and arm pump.

There are few mountain bike gloves as well padded as the roeckl 820. we normally pick gloves with little padding in order to increase bar feel, the gel padding in these gloves increased our comfort with effecting handling :

Silicone grippers cover the palm and fingers for improved traction

Further silicone grippers at the fingers tips proved to be durable and effective for grabbing brake levers. Use of a smart phone was possible, although difficult because of reduced dexterity.

The thin airy material on the back of the hand did little for knuckle protection in overgrown trails, but was welcome on hot days. Unfortunately, the heavily padded palm didn't provide efficient ventilation and so the glove would feel clammy under heat.

Roeckl 820 - soft and thin upper was extremely breathable but provided little protection from over-grown trails :

Mesh material keeps the top of the glove airy, but leaves the knuckles vulnerable

The wrist has a highly reflective material and durable velcro-closure that sat away from the skin. The was a section of soft towelling on the thumb, which was large enough to provide plenty of wiping room for a runny nose.

For extremely warm days, we’d pick a less padded, better ventilated glove. But for general days in the hills, the high comfort and lasting durability of the Roeckl Montefino 820s justifies their cost.

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