Spiuk UHRA-M shoes review£74.95

Simply does it

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Shoes don’t get much simpler than Spiuk’s Uhra-M, but these are really well done. The rounded-edge sole gets moulded-in toe studs for extra grip and the compound is soft enough not to skate around on rocks.

Stiffness is OK for power pedalling without making you walk like a penguin too.

Plasticky toe and heel bumpers protect your feet from flying rocks. The same tough material is used for the two generous Velcro straps that control fit, and the patent leather effect finish transfers pedalling torque well and cleans up like new.

Big mesh toe panels mean the shoes are cold and wet in winter, dry and cool in summer. You get thick winter insoles and thinner summer ones included though, which is a nice touch given the affordable price.

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