MRP G3 chainguide review£129.99

Easy-to-fit guide that gives good performance

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The G3 is MRP’s latest chainguide. It features their new one-piece taco-style skid plate and integrated lower guide.

This integrated number may look trickier to fit than a standard guide, installation is actually a doddle. Thanks to MRP’s ‘Swingset’ system, the entire lower assembly pivots clear out of the way of the crankset, so you'll have no problems fitting it.

When adjusting the lower guide, we did snap the Allen bolt head clean off, which was surprising considering the small amount of torque we were putting through it. But that has been the only issue that we’ve had.

The G3 has performed faultlessly so far, keeping the chain exactly where it needs to be and keeping chain noise to a minimum when we were pedaling or slapping through rough sections.

The clear rubber used on the top guide to silence any chain slap is a nice touch, as is the G-Slide slide block, which can be used to replace the lower jockey wheel in muddy conditions.

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