DT Swiss XMM Twin Shot suspension fork review£799.99

Light and tight

BikeRadar score2.5/5

Distinctively European in feel, the DT Swiss XMM is still a valid option for riders after a light, very tight tracking, lockdown-equipped fork and prepared to spend time tuning around its narrow sweet spot.

It’s definitely light for the 150mm category, but distinctive rear braced lower legs and DT’s proprietary RWS screw-through 15mm axle give it outstanding steering stiffness. The black coated legs are also very slippery for potential plushness and stroke sensitivity. 

We say "potential" because finding a balance between the deliberately firm initial breakaway threshold of the Twin Shot damper and it rushing deep into the stroke at any opportunity takes real tuning patience. The rebound can also be very fast and erratic unless you get it dialled exactly right. We’ve had mixed reliability results from DT forks too, meaning they’re definitely not fit-and-forget.

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