Ergon GE1 grips review£29.99

Grips shaped for your hands

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The new GE1 grips from Ergon have been designed specifically for enduro racing and riding. Unusually, they’re left and right specific. With just one locking ring, you can comfortably get your hand right to the end of the grip too.

Unlike most grips, which have a consistent external diameter throughout their length, the Ergons have been designed to deliver a more natural, ergonomic fit, with shallow contours that do feel odd initially and may take a few rides to get accustomed to, as the contact points are slightly different than with traditional grips. 

Our testers experiences with the GE1 grips were mixed. On faster, hardpacked trails that sent a lot of vibrations through the handlebar, the GE1s weren’t particularly comfortable, with the contours slowly making our hands ache more than usual, even after rotating the grips around the bar slightly in search of a more comfy position. But on more natural, technical trails where hands take less of a hammering, we found ourselves really appreciating the GE1s’ subtle shaping.

If you tend to stick to natural trails, these grips are worth a look, though they can be tough on the hands when riding in bike parks and trail centers.

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