Crankbrothers Candy 2 mountain bike pedals review£70.00

Clipless pedals based on the longstanding Eggbeater

BikeRadar score3/5

The Crankbrothers Candy 2 pedal builds upon the four-sided-entry Eggbeater platform – the self-proclaimed lightest pedal in the world – and adds a small aluminum body that gives a little more contact with the shoe for stability.

Clipping in is easy: just push down and forward or down and back, and the four-sided engagement rotates within the body.

The pedals' visually clean design can be a blessing or a curse, depending on what you use them for. The open design sheds mud and debris very well. But there is no tension adjustment option, and while the Candys' body offers some protection from rocks, compared to the Eggbeaters, the steel wings are still vulnerable.

Releasing your feet from the pedals is easy – some might say too easy, especially after the pedals wear into your shoes, and develop a lot of play. Many BikeRadar staffers and friends have broken Candy wings out on the trail. For cyclocross, however, at least one staffer uses the pedals for their easy entry, regardless of trail conditions.

Crankbrothers states the pedals weigh 324g a pair, but ours tipped the scales at 308g, plus another 30g for the cleats. The Candy 2s comes in orange/silver or all silver colour options.

Candy 2: candy 2
Candy 2: candy 2

Our Candy 2 pedals weighed 154g each, or 308g for the pair. That's a little shy of the 324g stated by Crankbrothers

The Candy series includes 1, 2, 3 and 11 models. The design is the same throughout, the primary differences is materials used; the 1 is largely steel, while the top-end 11 uses titanium for the spindle and wings.

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