EVS SB03 shoulder brace review£39.99

Tunable support for damaged shoulder

BikeRadar score4/5

The SB03 shoulder brace from EVS offers tunable support for riders who have managed to damage their shoulder. 

The first time we tried to fit the brace, we found it a little confusing because there is a lot going on, but once we were in, the rest was pretty straightforward. 

The EVS SB03’s numerous Velcro adjusters help tailor the support, and it’s simply a case of playing around with them until you’re comfortable.

On the bike, we found the additional support a welcome relief. It made us feel more confident and meant that we could handle tougher trails and longer stints in the saddle.

There was still pain in certain situations, but the added support helped take the sting out of bigger hits. The only real downside is that it can restrict breathing slightly.

Obviously this won’t get you back on the bike straight after separating or dislocating your shoulder, but once you’ve had the nod from the physio, it’ll certainly help with support.

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