Bontrager Mini Charger review£30.00

Well-built frame pump

BikeRadar score3.5/5

With its articulated hose wrapping up and over the length of the pump, Bontrager's Mini Charger might not look super refined, but that long 48cm hose means that the pump has got plenty of user-friendliness.

It also benefits from a traditional flip-lock head, which makes attaching to tube valves a cinch. Changing between valve types does require moving the head’s internals around, but once set up this isn’t an issue.

The pump’s linear pressure gauge is built into the head and is nice and easy to read. That said, our test sample’s gauge was a bit sticky, showing no pressure, before jumping up to showing a pressure at around three bar. Once it had moved though, we deflated and started again, with a freely-moving gauge.

With only single-barrel actuation there’s only average oomph behind it, needing 159 pumps to get to a marked two bar (28psi) and we found the gauge overestimated pressures. Bontrager has used plenty of metal in its construction, giving the Mini Charger a reassuringly solid feel.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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