Truflo Minitrack Pump review£30.00

Decently powerful mini inflator

BikeRadar score3/5

Truflo’s Minitrack Pump gives plenty of blow, despite its relatively svelte size. On our test 27.5x2.3in tyre, the Minitrack took 130 pumps to get it up to two bar (28psi).

The pump benefits from a two-stage barrel that extends 35cm from the top of the pump at full extension, giving plenty of air volume.

At the top, there’s a fold-out plastic handle that snaps easily into position, providing a solid platform to push against. Lowering the footplate at the base allows the pressure gauge to pop out, from where the 25cm non-articulated hose exits. The footplate is short yet wide, giving ample stability.

The head is double-sided for each valve type and screws securely to the tube’s valve. However, the textured grip used to screw it on is flush with the rest of the head, which can make it tricky to tighten with gloves on.

The gauge is small, so if you’re looking for accurate tyre pressures you may benefit from getting a secondary pressure gauge. We also found that it tended to overestimate the pressure reading when compared with a proper digital gauge.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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