Cane Creek Double Barrel Air XV - first look

By James Huang | Monday, February 11, 2013 5.46pm

Cane Creek has announced a new high volume air can option for its phenomenally adjustable Double Barrel Air rear shock. While the standard version was already tunable for most suspension designs, Cane Creek says the new can should now take care of the remainder, too.

According to Cane Creek, certain suspension designs – particularly VPP setups from Santa Cruz and Intense – have very progressive leverage ratios that make it difficult to achieve full travel on the stock can. 

The new XV can flattens out the shock's spring rate progression, however, to create a more linear feel. In addition to reclaiming the last few bits of travel, the optional can will also allow users to run more high-speed compression damping for better control on square-edged impacts.

Retail price for the Double Barrel Air XV is identical to the standard version, at US$620, and Cane Creek will offer it in 200x57mm (7.87x2.25in), 215x63mm (8.5x2.5in), and 240x76mm (9.5x3.0in) sizes. 

Current Double Barrel Air owners can also purchase the can on its own for US$40. Cane Creek expects to have XV air cans in stock next month. For more information see

Air pressure on the new xv can is adjusted by a standard schrader valve:

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Air pressure is adjusted by a standard Schrader valve

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