Cogburn CB4 fat bike for hunters and outdoorsmen

Quality Bicycle Parts' ode to True Grit

John Wayne made the character of Reuben J “Rooster” Cogburn – the fearless, one-eyed US Marshal – famous in the 1969 film version of the Charles Portis novel True Grit. While John Wayne rode many a horse in his 142 films, we don’t recall seeing The Duke ride a bike. If he did, we imagine it might resemble the CB4 from Cogburn Outdoors.

The new brand is a division of Quality Bicycle Products – the makers of Surly and Salsa fat bikes, and the largest parts distributor for US bike shops – and is designed to be a bicycle for hunters and outdoorsmen. And, yes, the name is meant to evoke the spirit of Rooster Cogburn.

All parts are anodized black with a no-glare finish

“The Rooster is a rough and tumble guy that gets it done,” said Bobby Dahlberg, sales and marketing manager for Cogburn Outdoors. “No great inspirations there with the name, but we do think this bike is one that has ‘true grit’, just like the character.”

The CB4 features 3.8in tires that run at low pressure and allow hunters, anglers, and foragers to have quick yet quiet access to remote areas. The frames are welded in Taiwan while the bike is finished and assembled in the United States.

The CB4’s frame features a RealTree Xtra camo pattern, while the rims, handlebar, crank and other components are anodized black with a no-glare finish. The bike is equipped with full range Shimano Deore gearing, SRAM X5 fat cranks, all-condition disc brakes and a wide handlebar for control even while loaded. 

The frame offers attachment points for an aircraft-grade aluminum Scabbard rear rack to carry a rifle, hunting bow, or fishing rod, along with cages for water or fuel bottles. The fork has additional attachment points to expand carrying capacity.

Cogburn isn't qbp's first foray into fat bikes — the company makes surly and salsa models, too — but this is a first as far as the target audience: cogburn isn't qbp's first foray into fat bikes — the company makes surly and salsa models, too — but this is a first as far as the target audience

The Cogburn is making its debut exclusively at Scheels All Sports stores, but could expand beyond it. “Is this bike going to be in every bike shop? Probably not,” Dahlberg told BikeRadar. “But many bike shops have contacted us already.”

This is, of course, not just a fat tire bike painted with a camo pattern finish. “This is for the adventure hunter, that athletic hunter who is looking for a way to get to his hunting spot,” said Dahlberg. “This is for those who believe in sharing that passion and birthright for the land and being able to hunt it. This is for those who want to get at places where motorized vehicles might be banned.”

“From another side, this is exciting as to what this can do for the bicycle industry,” added Dahlberg. “This is aimed at a demographic that hasn’t been addressed before. Instead of cannibalized market share from each other, the best move might be to get others involved in cycling, and grow the pie and get more people on bikes. This is a big piece of those efforts.”

The cogburn cb4 - a fat bike for hunters and outdoorsmen: the cogburn cb4 - a fat bike for hunters and outdoorsmen

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