Heat mouldable handle bar grips close in on crowd-funding target

By BikeRadar | Friday, January 3, 2014 12.00pm

A company that has designed handlebar grips that can be moulded at home to match the rider's hand grip is closing in on a crowd-funding target to put the grips into full production.

TMR Designs’ Tom Bird came up with the idea for heat mouldable Imprint Grips while riding trails and now the company is less than £3,500 shy of its £15,000 target to buy tooling that will make the polymer grips.

The imprint grips just need to be dunked in hot water before beng moulded: the imprint grips just need to be dunked in hot water before beng moulded

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Moulding the grips around an individual user's hand is said to provide better comfort and control.

The Imprint Grips weigh 149g (including bar ends and locking screws) and will be mouldable at home by dunking the grip in hot water and then gripping tightly. As the tacky polymer cools, it retains the imprint from the palm and fingers. This should maximise surface contact to give an even grip and reduce pressure points.

Cumbria-based TMR Designs say prototype grips that have been tested reduce arm fatigue, give the rider better control and boost comfort. Plus, they’re a final flourish of customisation too.

Imprint Grips' target is £15,000 which Birds hopes will be reached by 13 January. For more information and to contribute, visit the project's Kickstarter page.

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